Benjamin Gaviao Shendo is from Cochiti and Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico working with tribal and youth programs to encourage traditional values, promoting an active lifestyle, and addressing the issues for future generations. Using Capoeira as a means to increase worldwide views among the communities, bringing Brazilian Mestre’s to the villages to experience Pueblo life and teach the Art of Capoeira to people of New Mexico. Gaviao was influenced by Mestre Acordeon and his “B2B” Berkeley, California to Bahia, Brazil bicycle project in 2014 to 2015. Joining the B2B group in Panama City and travelling with him to his hometown in Bahia, Salvador, Brazil. Fundraising for Projeto Kirimure, an after school program he started in 2007. Returning back to New Mexico and working with the Notah Begay III Foundation, teaching golf to the local Indigenous youth and working with the Kewa Summer and After School Program before travelling to Standing Rock, North Dakota in September 2016. He offered Capoeira classes to the people at camp and encouraged them to continue expressing themselves through movement and expression. Spreading and teaching what he loves.