Pueblo Camp Gives Back!

While at camp resources were not so easy to get to and with the temperatures dropping in as winter approached Pueblo Camp was blessed to have immense amounts of supplies. We have received donations from all over the country and even from local schools in our communities. From new Jackets, snow pants, and blankets to medical supplies, food, and toiletries, donations have been one of the main resources keeping camp going.

After organizing the supplies and allotting what was needed and not needed in camp we dispersed the donations to those who could use em. Though there were children at in Pueblo Camp a few times some of the other camps had children who stayed with their water protector families in their new homes at camp,  Kids clothes donations would go to those such camps. Any extras or what we didn’t need would also be sent up to the main Donation tent.  

After the Snow got worse, and with the Standing Rock tribe wanting everyone to leave camps a lot of donations are going unused or left in the snow and it seems irresponsible to allow these donations which had good intentions to help go to waste. At Pueblo Camp we are a very hospitable and caring community and took it upon our selves to get those donations to where they can be used and appreciated. 

Since the Pueblos are hailing from New Mexico, Donations were sent down from camp to help those back here at home. Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city has a high population of homelessness that could benefit from extra help so we thought we’d do that. Since people were generous to help us in our time of need it is only right to pass that on and make sure the donations are getting put to use.

Thank you to everyone who has helped support the Pueblo Camp Warriors! Much Love and Respect!

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