March 10th is the day that Pueblo Camp Warriors will be joining tribes and other nations who have stood in solidarity with Standing Rock to fight against the Dakota Access Pipe line and others like it. Fracking is also big on native lands and sacred sites of the pueblo and neighboring tribes are being threatened like those in North Dakota. Along side a group of Dine and a bus load of other tribes, Pueblo Camp members will voicing their concerns for our administration and demand a change on laws regarding big oil companies.

Those already gathered in D.C. returning to the camp set up by the Washington Monument after a march to the EPA building.

Many Tribes are already present but much more are expected to arrive in the hours to come before the big March. If you cannot join us in D.C. please take action in your our areas and communities. Let the Government know that we the people should Govern our lands and people. Thank you for your continued support. Check the Pueblo Action Alliance page on Facebook for streams Live and updates.

Below are pictures from the Trip including meeting up with other camp members, participating in the March and some impromptu Action at the Smithsonian Museum of American Indians. check em out and share!