Although Pueblo Camp has had a great amount of Supply donations there are still some resources that need to be provided by monetary means. With Trump granting access to finish the DAPL and Keystone XL pipelines, our Warriors are in need of funds to continue fighting. With the Government and Big Banks supporting these projects we ask who is out there supporting us?

Instead of waiting for an answer, I (Legun) have took it upon myself to use the knowledge I have to help provide for my fellow warriors by creating this website to help people connect and engage with us, and thought of making shirts to sell to help generate fund-age for ourselves. although I do not have the best tools I make do with what i have to the best of my abilities. To create the design I took it back to my roots with just a pencil and Paper.

After sketching out a design with pencil I used a sharpie to make the lines more bold. A high contrast image is needed when it comes to burning, or in this case making a silk screen. The letters are in a Graffiti style which is often associated with rebellion and expression. The phrase “Water is Life” has been the back bone of the movement which is out there to “Protect the Sacred” which is our mother earth and all Her Creatures.  #NoDAPL with an Anarchy symbol is to represent our resistance against big oil and Trump.

after creating the design it was time to create the screen from cheap materials in what is called the drawing method of producing silk screens. Glue is used to seal up all the unwanted areas to be painted on the shirt and everywhere that is clear is where the ink will print through.

Printing of the shirts could begin once the glue on the screen has dried. Above is a picture of the finished printed shirts. I had the Shirts on hand as blanks I used when painting airbrushed shirts at events or Pueblo Feasts. Since my brothers and sisters are still out there fighting I felt it as a responsibility to help anyway I can.

A picture of the screen from the first batch of shirts being printed.

We are blessed to have some supporters whom have already purchased some shirts in different areas of the country.

Black Shirts are now available!

They are $27 total for shirt and shipping. Proceeds are used for supplies to generate more shirts

If you would also like to Support the Pueblo Camp Warriors by Purchasing a #NoDAPL T-shirt please use the button below, Thank you!